This is Norway's most extreme shoe-test. Alfa’s "Explorer", Andreas Orset, will live in the outdoors together with, and against, the elements. The office will be wild valleys with chirping birds, as well as raging rivers and the biting wind. Alfa has hired one person to walk. So simple, yet so complicated.

The Explorer wakes up each morning to the sound of a trickling stream – neither the alarm clock nor calendar determining the day. Imagine being hired to hike along Norwegian fjords and in the mountains. Andreas, the chosen explorer, will test high-quality Norwegian boots in their element. They will also cooperate with the outdoor organization Norsk Friluftsliv and Visit Norway by spreading the joy of the outdoors, the beauty of nature and hidden gems along the way. Hopefully, many will be inspired to get out and experience just a fraction of the Explorer’s experiences.

Authentic and active outdoors

It is a fact that too many Norwegians are not physically active enough. The government’s recommended daily amount of activity for adults is just 30 minutes. Alfa is doing everything it can to get more people active outdoors – because who says that “activity” is restricted to the inside of a sweaty gym? By trekking through the country, Alfa will showcase the world's most beautiful gymnasium, the Norwegian nature.

Throughout the journey, the Explorer will have continuous contact with Alfa’s product developers to provide feedback on how the boots handle the terrain. This way, Alfa will continue to deliver the best footwear possible, for the best outdoor experiences.

Join on an adventure through Norway, meet interesting people and be inspired.

Go explore!