Andreas Orset from the town of Ski is Alfa’s "Explorer". From a list of 1030 applicants and after a thorough selection process, the choice finally fell on the 23 year old from Ski, Norway. Now, after a period of preparation, a long and adventurous trek awaits Explorer-Andreas.

When we posted the job announcement for an adventurous product tester for our outdoor footwear, the applications poured in. 1030 became 30, 30 became 10, and finally one "Explorer". After a final camp led by the expedition veteran Aleksander Gamme, the choice fell on Andreas.

The job involves going on long hiking journeys for at least a year, and to serve as an ambassador for Norway as an outdoor recreation country. The project is a collaboration between Alfa Shoes, The Norwegian Union of Outdoor Recreation Organizations and Visit Norway.

“Andreas is an exceptionally positive, competent and solid "Explorer". From day one he has shown amazing enthusiasm and commitment to the position and project. He can write, photograph and he is an outdoor person. Everything we ourselves believe that an "Explorer" should be. I'm sure it will be a success with Andreas in our shoes,” smiles Paul Olimb, CEO of Alfa Shoes.

Investing in "outdoor joy"

In his daily life Andreas, or the Explorer as he will now be called, studies Business Administration at NHH. A life that is a far cry from what awaits him.

“I'm looking forward to setting out on adventures. This really is my dream job. I've always liked being out in nature and to hike, and I look forward to sharing both footwear and outdoor experiences. Right now, I am looking forward to the hot summer and the birds chirping, but am most excited for the cold winter nights in the tent next winter,” says adventurer Andreas Orset.

Once the job starts, the Explorer will test Alfa shoes to the extreme by hiking long distances. In addition, he will spread the joy of the outdoors and showcase opportunities for both simple and more challenging trips around Norway. The Explorer hopes that people will take part in his journeys, and follow him through his blog.

“Andreas is sure to spread outdoor joy. He is a positive and sociable type, with the right attitude. He lives and breathes the outdoors and is also a good communicator, both through text, photography and video. We look forward to working with him, says Lasse Heimdal,” Secretary General of The Norwegian Union of Outdoor Recreation Organizations.

The Explorers shoes will be laced up in June. As he embarks on a crisscross journey throughout Norway, the hope is that the Explorer will inspire outdoor pleasure, and get people off the couch. The call for a more active lifestyle, and the importance it has on people's health is an important backdrop, as the Adventurer shares his journeys.