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Alfa collects, processes and analyzes data about usage, traffic and events at Alfa Shoes AS website.

About cookies

Alfa Sko AS's website uses cookies, a small text file stored on your computer, to facilitate your use of our website with repeat visits. We do not store any personal data in our cookies and can not trace information back to you based on the contents of cookies.

Our website uses two types of cookies. The first is a permanent file that is stored on your computer. It contains information about changes that have been made since you last visited our website and update these. This means you get access to updated information, while unchanged information loads faster directly from your own computer.

The second type of cookie is called a "session cookie". Our server sends this to your computer and it is removed automatically when you close the browser.

Turning on/off cookies

You can choose whether to accept cookies or not. Most browsers accept these automatically, but you have the freedom to change this by turning off the functionality partially or completely. Remember that the use of our websites and services will be reduced if you choose to turn off the use of cookies.

Other information

"Other information" refers to impersonal data we use on our sites. This type of data involves eg IP address, browser type, operating system, geographical location, page views and interactions with advertising.

The data collected will not be used to identify individual visitors.


Alfa Sko AS use the information we obtain through online statistics to operate the service, maintain quality of service and provide general knowledge about the use of The data are also used to give Alfa Sko AS increased insight and ability to further improve the user experience for customers and visitors to the website.