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Ski boots for extreme polar adventures

Polar A/P/S is the most innovative boots for polar expeditions: so you can focus on the the adventure and not worry about your feet.

Expeditions using Alfa ski boots

Many explorers have preferred Alfa boots in extreme conditions. Here's a list of some of the expeditions undertaken with Alfa boots.

NEWS: Unique racing ski boot for classic skiing

EXC Advance GTX is a unique ski boot with GORE-TEX and insulation for those who want to perform, regardless of weather and conditions. You will notice the difference when you have been skiing for an hour!

The Explorer

Norways toughest job

The mountain boot revolution by Alfa

Let Alfa improve your hiking trip. Orre A/P/S GTX is an ultra lightweight trekking boot in maintainance free material with outstanding grip both on wet and dry surfaces.